Chain #003.1: Excelsior

It is with profound pleasure we introduce the first contributor to Chain #003: Excelsior

To front the third of four genesis chains we bring you Anja T. Lahrmann, a composer, producer and musician who has been performing as Excelsior since 2015.

The voice is often the aorta in Lahrmann’s body of work. She approaches composition as narrative sequences in which vocal structures, melodic lines and chords unfold alongside chains of digital processing like small paths in a landscape.

Having developed her musical persona by positioning herself amongst varying constellations of musicians, she tends to see herself more as a collaborator than a frontwoman bouncing openly against the borders of collectivism and DIY.

We are stoked to have Anja join Derive and look forward to her contribution. To support Anja and Chain #003 head on over to Opensea to collect one of the 15 currently listed tokens for a mere 0.01 ETH. All funds go to the chain and the contributing artists.
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